Attention Home Buyers – List of Auspicious Days for GRIHA PRAVESH IN 2018!

Home buying is followed by housewarming ceremony, conducted usually on auspicious dates after consulting a priest.

According to the Hindu panchang and Vastu, there are few mahurats that are considered lucky for griha pravesh. If you have recently booked an apartment with Trimurty then its our duty to guide to help you in moving-in process too, Because as builders we believe in concreting relationships and that happens by helping our clients at every step of their home buying journey.

So, if you are planning to move into your new home in 2018, here are few auspicious dates –

Griha Pravesh Mahurats In January , 2018

 There are no auspicious mahurats or nakshatra in January for griha pravesh ceremony. However, Makar Sankranti that falls on January 14, new homebuyers are advised to do charity on that day for well-being and prosperity of the occupants of their new home.

Since Vasant Panchmi is falling in January this year, you can consider performing housewarming on this auspicious day. 

Griha Pravesh Mahurats In February (Faghun), 2018

There is only one mahurat for griha pravesh in February, 24th day of the month. Consult the local priest if there are other mahurats based on your horoscope. 

 Griha Pravesh Mahurats In March, 2018

There are many auspicious dates for griha pravesh ceremony in March after the festival of Holi. Here are few dates that you can consider for the housewarming. Few such dates are 2, 7, 8, 12, and 18 March. 

 Griha Pravesh mahurats in April 2018

There are selected days in April that are auspicious for housewarming ceremony. These are: 19, 20, and 27.

 Griha Pravesh Mahurats in May, 2018

The initial half of May is Baisakhwhich is considered very lucky for housewarming ceremony. You can consider following dates for griha pravesh ceremony: May 2 & May 11.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in June, 2018

As per the Hindu Panchang, June comprises of Jyestha and Ashadh. The housewarming ceremony should be considered in Jyestha and not in Ashadh. Consider following dates for your house-warming ceremony- June 22 and June 25, 2018

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in July 2018

The month of July has just one auspicious day for housewarming ceremony which falls on July 5. 

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in August, September, October 2018

Homebuyers should avoid shifting to their new home in August, September. The period is inauspicious and could bring losses, health issues and troubles.  Some of the other mahurats for conducting house warming ceremony are Navratri, Dusshera and after Deepawali.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in November 2018

As Deepawali falls in November, the most auspicious period after July is only in November, around the festival. Shifting to a new home during Deepawali brings prosperity to the family. Consider dates like 8th and 9th Nov.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in December, 2018

The initial days of December are ideal for housewarming ceremony. The remaining days of December however are considered inauspicious and are believed to bring bad luck for the family.

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