Bring Home the Christmas Vibe with these Easy Decor Tips

Easy Makeover tips for Christmas

  • For lighting up a small room, use candle stands of different heights and glittering glass votive. You can also hang LED string lights on the mirrors and windows.
  • Tall tapering candles, pillar candles or floating candles, are great for adding extra lighting and ambiance. For fragrance during Christmas, opt for cinnamon and vanilla aromatic candles.
  • Dress up the main door with a huge star-shaped lantern and a fresh green wreath. Near the door, keep red poinsettia plants.
  • To ensure continuity in the décor theme, use a single colour for the ribbons, cushions, candles, fairy lights and even wrappers for the gifts.
  • Let the table cloth, crockery and fresh flowers set the tone for the festive season. Avoid prints and patterns on a crowded table.
  • Dress up the bed with rich vibrant hues and match the bed covers with the floor rug and doormats.
  • Choose a small basket or serving tray and dress it up with colourful cloth, a star, green foliage and tiny fairy lights. Get a small baby Jesus idol, shepherd and animal figures, etc. and arrange them on the basket or tray.

De-clutter for the festive season

The first step, is to de-clutter and clean the home of all unwanted and dated items, for a fresh new look. Push all the furniture towards the walls, to create more space for sitting and place a few floor cushions to accommodate guests.

Use existing space wisely. Empty a book shelf and arrange wreaths, bells, pine cones, as well as snowman, angel and Santa Claus figurines on it. 

Christmas-themed wall décor

The Christmas theme can also be extended to the walls of the house. Cover the wall with green or red cloth or paper and paste some fluffy soft cotton, Santa Claus images, stars, angels, etc., on it.

You can also use photos of the season to create a photo booth backdrop. Get a few stockings, paint your children’s names and hang them on the walls. One can also decorate the walls and windows with garlands and bright satin ribbons.

Accessories, with the colours of Christmas season

Home owners can combine green foliage with seasonal sparkle, for natural Christmas decorations. In addition to the Christmas tree, one can add other potted plants to the house, to give it a fresh look.

When one lives in bustling cities and high-rise buildings, there is always a desire for a garden. You can surround yourself with the colours of a garden, using décor accessories and keep everything else pristine white. Pick from various green tones and apply them boldly in the room, to give a natural look.

For a Christmas theme, opt for soft furnishing or cushions in red, green and white colours, with prints of Santa Claus or reindeer. You can also dress up the sofa with red and green throws.

Add a Christmas sparkle to your space

The glow of lights, can add a warm ambiance to a home. Light can be an eye-catching piece, like art, in any room. Take a few wine glasses, fill them with water, add red colour and place floating candles and arrange them in the living room. You can also experiment with paints that offer a glitter finish, to brighten up the space. For instance, add stripes of glitter finish on the wall in contrasting colours, such as gold and white. Do not restrict yourself to painting just the wall. Add hints of glitter finish paint on accessories and on the Christmas tree too.




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