Trimurty Addressing the ‘GO GREEN’ Pledge

India, in October 2015, pledged to cut its carbon emissions by 33%-35%, by 2030. Considering that the construction activities also contribute to pollution in various ways, while harnessing natural resources, there is a significant responsibility on the reality sector to address environmental concerns.

Trimurty understanding the need of the hour has long started paving its green share. Many of its projects are IBGC certified, meaning that they adhere to standards that are environmentally friendly.

 As compared to a conventional building, a green building –

  • Use less water
  • Is energy efficient
  • Save natural resources
  • Generate less waste
  • Provide healthier living spaces for its occupants

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Steps to promote clean energy

The use of ‘green’ technologies in construction areas, through on-site and off-site activities, can reduce air pollution. According to KN Rao, director – energy and environment, ACC Limited, there are several measures that can be adopted at construction sites to reduce the carbon footprint, such as:

  • Use of occupancy-based control of lighting and air-conditioning.
  • Use of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets and use of composite wood, to reduce indoor air pollution.
  • Choosing light colours and reflective materials for the walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Use of high-performance plumbing fixtures, for better water management and rainwater harvesting for water conservation.
  • Facilitating proper drainage of water by using porous construction materials to raise the water table level.
  • Opting for building material brands, which use a high percentage of industrial waste in their products, such as fly ash bricks instead of clay bricks.


Here’s How You Can Prepare Yourself Financially For Buying an Apartment

A quick guide to calculat the budget and the EMI for purchasing a home, based on one’s earning capacity and the steps you need to take in advance, to meet this financial commitment


For most people, buying a home is a one-time purchase. Consequently, buyers often tend to overstretch themselves financially, to invest in the best property they can buy. Considering that investing in a house, is perhaps the single biggest financial commitment that most people make during their lifetime, it is important to use objective criteria, to decide how much you can afford.


Financial planners advise that the sum total of your EMIs should not exceed 40% of your take-home salary. Thus, if your take-home salary is Rs 1 lakh, your EMI should ideally, not exceed Rs 40,000 each month. If you have other loans, then the EMI that you can pay on your home loan, gets whittled down further.

Now, imagine that Rs 40,000 is the EMI that you can pay, on your home loan. If the interest rate is 9.75% and you take a loan for 15 years, the maximum amount that you can borrow, is Rs 38 lakhs. Supposing that the bank will only give you a loan for 80% of the value of the property and 20% must come out of your own pocket, then, you can at best, buy a property worth around Rs 47 lakhs.

If you wish to increase the loan amount, you can club your spouse’s income with yours and borrow more. However, this option has a pitfall. Whenever you decide to start a family, you may go from being a double-income to a single-income family and the inflow of money into your household will dip.

Ensure that there is enough money left, through the tenure of the loan, after paying your EMI, to meet your daily expenditures and also for some other needs, such as entertainment, education, etc.

Down payment

You will also have to systematically save money to make the down payment on the house. This is generally 20% of the cost of the house, which the bank won’t finance. If you intend to purchase a house within the next three years, stick to low-risk instruments, such as fixed deposits and fixed maturity plans (FMP). If you have five to seven years before you plan to purchase a house, conservative investors can opt for monthly income plans (MIPs) of mutual funds. Those who have some appetite for risk, may invest in balanced funds, or even equity funds.

Get into the habit of saving money

During the period, when you are saving money for the down payment, put aside some additional money, every month. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can afford to spend on the EMI, without stretching your budget excessively.

#TrimurtyGiveTips – Simple Ways to Throw an Amazing Apartment New Year Party

New Year Celebration is just round the corner and we are sure that while some of you will be searching for party places, while of you must be planning to host an amazing bash at your home.  A party celebrating the new year with your family and friends, but how to get it all right ensuring your guests have the best time.   To do so, you must ensure that the house is ready, to welcome family and friends.
We are sharing some tips, to get your house party-ready –
  • To prepare the house for  a new year’s party, home owners should first thoroughly rid your home of dust. Once this is done, you can spruce up the house with a few easy steps. Although the home may not be laid out for entertaining guests daily, one can always rearrange the furniture, to make it more party-friendly.

First and foremost, perk up your living space. The living room is a space, where we spend most of our time entertaining our guests.

Lighting up your home for a new year party

Lighting plays a crucial role in the décor for a party. Put some coloured sheer cloth on lamps, to create mood lighting. Twinkling fairy lights can be used to add some sparkle. Stuff mirchi lights in coloured bottles or lanterns, especially red ones and place them around the house. For late hours, you can add stylish night lamps.

Furnishing and seating for entertaining guests

Eclectic drapes and furnishings, with a splash of colours, can enliven the home. Choose complementing colours, to create an inviting feel.

Accessories, such as interesting artifacts, lamps and artwork, can make a lot of difference and add to the aesthetic appeal of the home.

You can also decorate the entrance of the house, by arranging a dozen red roses in a flat container, along with lights all around the container.


Entertainment options for a party

Ensure that you have a good selection of music in advance. To host a memorable evening, get some games like Pictionary, or pin the donkey, or even Housie. Games will help the guests to mingle and interact with each other. You can also set up a photo corner.

The backdrop can be a bright blanket, with hanging string lights on either side. You can also add props like wigs, moustache, etc., to this space to help the guests to capture some fond memories.

Points to consider, while hosting a house party

  • The seating options should be comfortable and also stylish.
  • Use a subtle coloured table cloth that does not overpower the crockery. Sparkling dinnerware and coloured glassware are perfect for celebrations.
  • Add folded napkins and bowls filled with coloured sweets on the dessert table.
  • If you have a money plant on a moss stick, dress it up with fairy lights and keep it indoors.
  • Ensure your home smells fresh with Potpourri, reed diffusers and fragrant oils. You can use vaporisers for citrus scents and vanilla-scented candles, to create a refreshing atmosphere in the house.
  • For the bathrooms, add fresh napkins, bottles and lotions in rattan trays and room fresheners.
  • Do not clutter the home with too many accessories and instead, stick to a theme.
  • If you have children around, ensure that candles are kept in safe places.
  • Keep a large and attractive trash can, so that guests can dispose of the waste at a proper place.

Attention Home Buyers – List of Auspicious Days for GRIHA PRAVESH IN 2018!

Home buying is followed by housewarming ceremony, conducted usually on auspicious dates after consulting a priest.

According to the Hindu panchang and Vastu, there are few mahurats that are considered lucky for griha pravesh. If you have recently booked an apartment with Trimurty then its our duty to guide to help you in moving-in process too, Because as builders we believe in concreting relationships and that happens by helping our clients at every step of their home buying journey.

So, if you are planning to move into your new home in 2018, here are few auspicious dates –

Griha Pravesh Mahurats In January , 2018

 There are no auspicious mahurats or nakshatra in January for griha pravesh ceremony. However, Makar Sankranti that falls on January 14, new homebuyers are advised to do charity on that day for well-being and prosperity of the occupants of their new home.

Since Vasant Panchmi is falling in January this year, you can consider performing housewarming on this auspicious day. 

Griha Pravesh Mahurats In February (Faghun), 2018

There is only one mahurat for griha pravesh in February, 24th day of the month. Consult the local priest if there are other mahurats based on your horoscope. 

 Griha Pravesh Mahurats In March, 2018

There are many auspicious dates for griha pravesh ceremony in March after the festival of Holi. Here are few dates that you can consider for the housewarming. Few such dates are 2, 7, 8, 12, and 18 March. 

 Griha Pravesh mahurats in April 2018

There are selected days in April that are auspicious for housewarming ceremony. These are: 19, 20, and 27.

 Griha Pravesh Mahurats in May, 2018

The initial half of May is Baisakhwhich is considered very lucky for housewarming ceremony. You can consider following dates for griha pravesh ceremony: May 2 & May 11.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in June, 2018

As per the Hindu Panchang, June comprises of Jyestha and Ashadh. The housewarming ceremony should be considered in Jyestha and not in Ashadh. Consider following dates for your house-warming ceremony- June 22 and June 25, 2018

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in July 2018

The month of July has just one auspicious day for housewarming ceremony which falls on July 5. 

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in August, September, October 2018

Homebuyers should avoid shifting to their new home in August, September. The period is inauspicious and could bring losses, health issues and troubles.  Some of the other mahurats for conducting house warming ceremony are Navratri, Dusshera and after Deepawali.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in November 2018

As Deepawali falls in November, the most auspicious period after July is only in November, around the festival. Shifting to a new home during Deepawali brings prosperity to the family. Consider dates like 8th and 9th Nov.

Griha Pravesh Mahurats in December, 2018

The initial days of December are ideal for housewarming ceremony. The remaining days of December however are considered inauspicious and are believed to bring bad luck for the family.

Bring Home the Christmas Vibe with these Easy Decor Tips

Easy Makeover tips for Christmas

  • For lighting up a small room, use candle stands of different heights and glittering glass votive. You can also hang LED string lights on the mirrors and windows.
  • Tall tapering candles, pillar candles or floating candles, are great for adding extra lighting and ambiance. For fragrance during Christmas, opt for cinnamon and vanilla aromatic candles.
  • Dress up the main door with a huge star-shaped lantern and a fresh green wreath. Near the door, keep red poinsettia plants.
  • To ensure continuity in the décor theme, use a single colour for the ribbons, cushions, candles, fairy lights and even wrappers for the gifts.
  • Let the table cloth, crockery and fresh flowers set the tone for the festive season. Avoid prints and patterns on a crowded table.
  • Dress up the bed with rich vibrant hues and match the bed covers with the floor rug and doormats.
  • Choose a small basket or serving tray and dress it up with colourful cloth, a star, green foliage and tiny fairy lights. Get a small baby Jesus idol, shepherd and animal figures, etc. and arrange them on the basket or tray.

De-clutter for the festive season

The first step, is to de-clutter and clean the home of all unwanted and dated items, for a fresh new look. Push all the furniture towards the walls, to create more space for sitting and place a few floor cushions to accommodate guests.

Use existing space wisely. Empty a book shelf and arrange wreaths, bells, pine cones, as well as snowman, angel and Santa Claus figurines on it. 

Christmas-themed wall décor

The Christmas theme can also be extended to the walls of the house. Cover the wall with green or red cloth or paper and paste some fluffy soft cotton, Santa Claus images, stars, angels, etc., on it.

You can also use photos of the season to create a photo booth backdrop. Get a few stockings, paint your children’s names and hang them on the walls. One can also decorate the walls and windows with garlands and bright satin ribbons.

Accessories, with the colours of Christmas season

Home owners can combine green foliage with seasonal sparkle, for natural Christmas decorations. In addition to the Christmas tree, one can add other potted plants to the house, to give it a fresh look.

When one lives in bustling cities and high-rise buildings, there is always a desire for a garden. You can surround yourself with the colours of a garden, using décor accessories and keep everything else pristine white. Pick from various green tones and apply them boldly in the room, to give a natural look.

For a Christmas theme, opt for soft furnishing or cushions in red, green and white colours, with prints of Santa Claus or reindeer. You can also dress up the sofa with red and green throws.

Add a Christmas sparkle to your space

The glow of lights, can add a warm ambiance to a home. Light can be an eye-catching piece, like art, in any room. Take a few wine glasses, fill them with water, add red colour and place floating candles and arrange them in the living room. You can also experiment with paints that offer a glitter finish, to brighten up the space. For instance, add stripes of glitter finish on the wall in contrasting colours, such as gold and white. Do not restrict yourself to painting just the wall. Add hints of glitter finish paint on accessories and on the Christmas tree too.