Things to Keep in Mind when Designing a Baby’s Room

Fun, colorful,  playful, calm and above everything a child’s room must be safe. Along with following these attributes a child’s room must evolve with the child’s age, keeping pace with his/her changing needs. 

Parents must keep in mind that the kid’s room has adequate natural light and also the lighting fixtures and electrical appliances must be beyond their reach.

Dos and don’ts for children’s rooms

  • Do not hang anything heavy over baby’s cot
  • The room should have enough floor space for the baby to play and move around. Thus, have  limited furniture pieces in the room
  • Avoid sharp edged furniture as it can hurt the child
  • Use hardware installations that makes movement of doors or drawers soft
  • Keep furniture away from balconies &windows
  • Opt for rubber mat flooring and make baby’s room non-slippery
  •  Add a simple white board and make learning fun
  • Opt for washable wallpaper/ paint
  • Create a blissful sleeping environmemt for the baby, add tiny lights on the ceiling and creat twinkling stars effect
  • Install locks that can be opened from the outside, it would be helpful in situation when child gets locked inside
  • Don’t forget to remove small toys and other items that the baby can choke hazards

Welcome Nature in Home @ 10 unique ideas

One of the easiest ways to transform a house into a home is by adding plants. Greenery brings in character, beauty, texture and positive energy into a space.  Having the greenest of thumbs is not important, as taking care of real plants and flowers brings in certain amount of meditation. And as one takes care of them and watch these green thrive it gives an inner sense of satisfaction.

Here are 10 beautiful ideas as to how you can bring more plants in our home –


1. Jungalow: Take plants up from ground level and line them up on a bench. The narrow width won’t take up much space but will make a huge impact.


2. Corner Vignette: Corners are a bit tricky to decorate. But  L-shaped shelves are genius spaces for your plants, plus to save a lot of floor space.


3. Reading Nook: Bring some positive energy & natural texture into your reading space.


4. Plant Shelfie: Those hard to reach top shelves can be filled  with a collection of fern and other house plants.


5. Party Decor: Plants don’t always have to be on the top of the table. You can save all the table-space by placing couple big potted plants underneath to fill in the space with some texture and colour.


6. Macrame Hangers: One can brighten his/her space with some macrame planters. Either hang them near the window in the living room or by the kitchen window, they’ll blend with rest of the decor perfectly.


7. Pegboard Headboard: Headboards are the best home accessory that’s actually useful, especially when living in a small apartment. you’ll appreciate a They are not only fit to hold bedtime essentials like books and alarm clock but also  little potted indoor plant.amazing-carpet-dennis

8. Go Tall: It can be really fun to add really tall trees in home. This will enhance vertical spaces of your home interesting.


9. Window Ledge: The main reason behind the death of indoor plants is lack of sun exposure. One can DIY this little ledge to fit in the kitchen window and set up your collection of herbs.


10. Air Plant Wall Art: Air plants are pretty cool to have, they are different and attract a lot of attention. But know what will be even cooler, air plants that are tucked in colorful string art.

Adjust in New Home in 3 Simple Steps

No matter, how excited one is to shift into the new apartment/house, its the feeling of nostalgia that always take over. Every now and then one gets lost into the memories of the old home. It has even been noticed that people living in rented place find it difficult to leave and settle into the new home. And, why not, it’s but natural, isn’t?

For some it might be the home where they have made the most important decisions of their life; or might be the place from where they started a new journey.  All said and done, now you do have a new place and it is where you are going to stay now. So, try and connect to your new house and make it a home soon.

Here are few thing you can possibly do to connect yourself quicker to your new home?

Meet thy neighbours

You have to realize that your neighbours  can prove to be very helpful. They can help you  in establish a strong connection with the new home. Neighbour can help you know the place better and give you important information . Like letting  you understand how society functions, help find domestic help, cook etc.  Also, take a note of the fact that these people are the ones with whom you’ll spending the rest /a portion of your life journey, in a way. It will be a wise decision to invest your energy in them.

Time to move on

Remember, it is you and only only you who can and has the power to build strong connections with your new home. We can only give tips and suggestions , it is you who has to do all the hard work. So, next time try taking out your car and drive around, explore the place. Find shops and complex, restaurants and cafes, see which one serves your taste and suits your pocket. Try taking a walk around after dinner, get in touch with neighbours  and people who live in the society. It is a graet way to make friends and  introduce yourself to new people.

Paint it your way

The new home that you have settled in for might have all the facilities  you require for a good life. But a personal touch is always needed to give it a belonging-ness feel.  It would great to invest  time in adorning your the new home with imagination. This is a great way to connect with your new residence.

PART-II Positive Vibes in Home, Without Spending a Penny

Very often we talk about making positive changes in our life and withhold a positive attitude and aptitude. But in this constant need and demand for positive thinking, the atmosphere that surrounds us has a huge role to play. For instance, our house, if our living space attracts positivity, the occupants sure will benefit from it. Kids will go to school with a positive feeling, office goers will head to work motivated, and homemakers will fulfill their share of responsibilities happily.

But the big question is how to devise a home that attracts positive vibes. Well, evidently ancient architectural studies like Vastu and Feng Shui play a significant role here, and they prescribe some simple practices that we can follow in our day to day life to make our home the positivity secreting hub.

  1. Keep your Kitchen Tidy

It’s no less than a sacred place; it’s a place that fuels your soul, body, and mind. An unclean kitchen can trigger physical sickness and can also impact one’s emotional and mental well-being.

Remember to keep your sink free from dirty dishes all the time.


2. Have a Garden

Even a small free patch in your balcony will do. According to Vastu plants help attract good fortune and prosperity. So, you do not need a big green spot even a small container by the window will do.

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3. Throw out the Broken

According to Feng Shui and Vastu experts, one should not keep broken things at home. So, if you have an old wall clock that doesn’t work anymore or an art work that you kids have damaged, it’s time to hang up on them.

4. No Blocks on the Balcony

The balcony is the getaway that allows the positive energy to entire your house. It also provides you with an unobstructed view of the sky, therefore never cover your balcony in the prospect of using the space for household work.


5. Make that Bed Right

Make your bed in such a manner that is inviting, comforting and relaxing. If not done properly it can lead to health issues and cause sleepless nights. Remember to keep your bed neat and tidy.

6. Sad artwork at Bay

Vastu experts suggest that artwork depicting sadness, war or violence should not be used as décor pieces. They may be beautiful but will sure also hinder the free flow of positive energy.

7. Say bye to artificial use natural

Replace the artificial décor items with natural ones. For example instead of using artificial flowers and putting a stick on rangoli and electric diya go for natural flowers and traditional ways of home decoration.


Should You Rent or Buy? [Infographic]

Rent or Buy? It is a difficult but important decision of one’s life having long term financial and social impact. Know the factors when you should buy or rent a home. This step buy step guide will help you in making the right decision.

Infographic 11-01