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Trimurty has a reputation for innovation, quality and commitment. Since 1995 we have delivered over 30 projects at some of the primest locations of Jaipur. We collaborate with experienced designers, consultants, contractors and manufacturers to create outstanding projects. When you buy a Trimurty property you can be confident of fair dealing, better value, excellent quality at some of the top locations for the living place you will make your ow n for many year to come.

We take pride in developing first gold rated Green Home Project certified by Indian Green Building Council. All our new projects are built on green building principles.

We invite you to experience the Trimurty way of life!

>Premium & Comfort Living

Crafted to FinesseBuilt for Comfort

Beyond SpaceWe Care

From tiny tots to the senior most, and the mother earth, what distinguishes us from the rest are the little details we take care of in our projects. At Trimurty, we leave no stone unturned for your comfort and care and that shows in our amenities and services.

Senior Citizen Friendly

When simple chores like climbing the stairs or getting up from the chair with ease become daunting, we lend a supporting hand with love. Comfort, safety and accessibility are key focus points at Trimurty to make life easy for senior citizens.

Child Friendly

Safe and secure, we’re always making sure your kids have a good time at Trimurty. With areas that are dedicated to their cognitive and physical development, you can be worry-free and enjoy watching them grow up over the years, as they make little memories of their own.


Better efficiencies mean lower energy costs and more comfort all year long. Trimurty’s environmental friendly spaces come at tangible and practical benefits for you and your family. Our projects are not only sustainable, but convenient as they compliment the natural surroundings.

Our Approach Beyond Building Spaces

At Trimurty, we build more than just houses and work spaces, we build a community, nurturing it to grow and flourish with our actions of positive change. Our team is dedicated to contribute towards the development of the environment, serving the education sector and fostering good relationships with our partners. Read on to know more about our initiatives.