We believe

  • Consume less water & less energy to create spaces.
  • Create spaces that require less water & energy to work & live in.
  • Reduce wastage and increase reuse & recycle.
  • Have more square yards for green and more green per square yard.

This is Trimurty’s Green Philosophy. Simple.

More than a Policy

Trimurty’s business policy is strongly aligned to sustainable & pro-environment practices. We are among the first ones to voluntarily and eagerly adopt the green building conduct and imbibe these principles in our standard processes. Because we care. We care for the planet that nurtures all life, and we care for you.

Green practices is much more than a Policy at Trimurty. It a philosophy and an integral part of our value system. Every aspect of our work – design, construction, processes, vendor selection – is guided by this philosophy and we take immense pride in it.

While our projects comply to the standard green building norms, our commitment to green is not limited to just some written norms but goes far beyond and much deeper.