Trimurty has always been proactive when it comes to carrying out its corporate social responsibility. Over the last 30 years of Trimurty's evolution, we have taken numerous initiatives as corporate citizens in Jaipur.

Environment & Sustainability

Trimurty has been taking initiatives towards various aspects of environment, i.e. solid waste management, increasing green cover in city, environment education, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, etc to name just a few. Keeping in harmony with nature our Green building projects are proving our commitment to a greener & healthier environment.


Trimurty has also come forward to contribute towards other CSR activities like promoting sports activities. We have sponsored a Squash tournament and have been supporting Surbhi Mishra, the first Squash player from Rajasthan to win three Junior National titles. She was the part of the Indian team which won Gold Medal at SAF Games in 2006, Bronze Medal at World Junior Championship 2009 and Silver Medal at Asian Senior Championship 2010. Surabhi has won three National titles, more than 50 other Championships and has emerged amongst the three top women players in the country.

Trimurty recognises the importance of conducting its business in a socially responsible manner and considers that corporate social responsibility is an integral element of good business management.

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