Trimurty has always believed in coexisting with nature with complete harmony. Over the years, it has created not such mindful spaces… but sustainable & thoughtful lifestyles.

Since its inception, Trimurty has endeavoured to conserve nature. Throughout its journey, it has unfailingly taken small & large steps that create positive impact on environment.

Tree Plantation

Creating a greener world since 1995

  • 30,000+ trees & shrubs
  • Home to innumerable birds
  • Fresh air & oxygen for all

Trimurty has carried out numerous tree plantation drives in past 25 years. Being an environmentalist, Mr. Anand Mishra is always keen to make the surroundings of all the Trimurty projects and the city of Jaipur green. He also carried out an extensive plantation and distribution initiative in association with CREDAI Rajasthan.

The lake now stores water almost around the year, and its water gets supplied to homes in nearby village. Apart from the lake, two small Islands have also been created to provide habitat to nesting birds.

A large water reservoir has also been built at “The Future City” for Rain water harvesting. While the reservoir provides water for horticulture and other purposes, it also provides fishes to the needy.

Tree Plantation
Lake Restoration & Construction

In a State like Rajasthan, availability of water is a serious concern. Trimurty has been involved in restoration of some existing water bodies and creating ponds and reservoirs.

Trimurty has been developing a lake near its project "The Future City" at Phagi. It has developed and strengthened the Bund around the lake and also deepened it by removing silt and digging.

Lake Restoration & Construction


Trimurty organises numerous events that support various environmental concerns and well-being of people, promote fitness, and encourage art & culture.

Mr Anand Mishra, Managing Director of Trimurty is an active member of Tourism and Wildlife Society of India (TWSI) - an NGO led by Mr Harshwardhan that works towards conservation of wildlife and environment - from past 8 years and is currently presiding the Organisation. TWSI actively participates with the Government to work towards various various environmental causes and also publishes a quarterly magazine called Conservation Times - www.econservationtimes.com.

Some of the events organised and supported by Trimurty are as follow -

Nature Conservation
  • Nevta Talab Restoration - Sponsored the project through Gram Panchayat of Nevta and staged 1st ever rural Bird Fair for the secondary school in the region.
  • Rankhar Conservation Reserve - Suggested new management priorities for the reserve on border with Pakistan in Jalore district as desired by the Forest authorities.
  • Conservation Conference - Hosted the conference at The Fern Ecotel with Erik Solheim, former Minister in Norway and ex Executive Director at United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • Drop Dread – Organised an awareness initiative on wastage of water due to leaking taps with Mr Abid Soorthi, and also repaired over 200 leaking taps at various households in Amber City.
Nature Conservation
  • Indian Bird Fair - An active supporter of the Fair from past 7 years.
  • Wildlife Management Workshop - - Organized at Ananta Institute in Jaipur
  • Bird Race - Supported one of a kind event organized by Forest Department of Rajasthan
  • 25th Indian Birding Fair - Sponsored the evnt at Man Sagar lake in Jaipur
  • Installation & distribution of Bird feeders and bird nests
  • Marathons - Organised Jaipur by Night Marathon, and 6 editions of Jaipur Monsoon run so far.
  • Corporate Gulf – Sponsored the first 2 editions of the event held by Rambagh Golf Club. Alog with sponsoring the event, Trimurty also gave away jerseys to the Caddies.
  • Cultural Evening – Organised a beautiful event with Padamshree awardee Sh. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
  • Literature event - On the occasion of Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, a literature session was organised where 55 bird species that featured in Shakespeare’s plays were also discussed.
  • Covid Vaccination Drive - Organised for staff members and labour working at Trimurty project sites.
  • Oxygen Concentrator Distribution - 20 oxygen concentrators were distributed to various agencies including Government agencies.
  • Mentrual Hygiene Camps – Regularly organise Sanitary pad distribution camps with Ms. Aanchal Mishra

In order to support art & culture of the State, Trimurty sources art statues from local artists, stone pieces from the local industries, paintings and pictures from budding artists and students for the beautification of the projects.

The prime theme for the pictures and paintings is environment and birds. The images used are informative in nature. They give a glimpse on environment, birds often found in our back yard (often ignored), common trees, inspirational life quotes and quotes on environment and sports.

Trimurty has its presence in urban and rural regions across state. If you wish to hold any conservation programme and need support to run it smoothly, kindly reach out to us on email - info@trimurty.com